Friday, 29 April 2016

Shop logo coming to life

Earlier this year we were lucky enough to meet a former engineer turned sculptor, John Elwell, who has turned his mad skills and passion for everything with an engine, to creating amazing large scale sculptural models out of aluminium. John's work is normally only available through the Pullman Gallery so we are honoured that he has agreed to work with us to create a show stopping piece of unique artwork for the workshop.

To say we are excited would be an understatement! and our first trip to John's workshop turned into a lengthy visit as we drooled over photo's of his previous work and the huuuge scale model currently under construction in the centre of the room. 

John first creates blueprint drawings for each piece and then hand forms the aluminium panels which are riveted over a steel space frame. 

I can't believe how FRICKIN AMAZING this thing looks and can't wait to see the end result! We are very grateful to John who is just crazy talented and also happens to be a thoroughly lovely bloke :)

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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Chrome & Vivid Black Voodoo Fender

Just a quick pic of a vivid black Voodoo Fender Kit with chrome struts which is just waiting on some all in one Kellermann bullets to complete the look.

More pics coming (hopefully) later in the week when it's all finito.

Harley Davidson Dyna Fatbob

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Monday, 25 April 2016

3FE lookin at you!

OOoooo,, so many pretty colours....

#custombike #3fingereddy #rawtank #artistryiniron

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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Artistry in Iron, Master Builders Championship - Las Vegas Bikefest 2016

Holy shit!  We have been invited to take part in Artistry in Iron, Master Builders Championship 2016 which runs as part of Las Vegas Bikefest at the end of September. The competition is by invitation only and is limited to just 20 bikes!

It's all going to be a bit tight as we only have a few months to build the bike for this,, and we have yet to build our bike 'Speed Weevil' for the AMD World Championships in Cologne, Germany in October and our Biker Build Off bike for the Custom Show Emirates which takes place in Abu Dhabi in March 2017.  And all this on top of all the normal orders for parts still coming in and the customer bikes we have booked in for work over the summer.

AAARRRRRRGGGHHHHHHH!!!  I could start to panic......

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

DLC Coating on fork stanchions

As a follow up to a previous post we did on DLC Coating, here is another detail shot of the amazing colours you can get with this 'black' coating on your fork stanchions.  Seen here on 'The Fantastic Mr Fox' the colours change from every angle depending on how the light hits it.

Would really love to do a whole bike in this finish.... LOVE IT!!!

Marvin's Harley Fat Bob re-visited

Some updated pics from Marvin in NY, USA of his 2015 Harley Davidson Fat Bob sporting some new paint, and fitted with a pillion pad on the extended length Voodoo Fender. Marvin is running an under fender LED strip in addition to Kellermann combination stop/tail/turns.

Thanks for the pics Marvin! If you would like to see more of our Customers Rides then please visit our website where there is a whole heap of goodness submitted from all round the world.

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Great weekend at Kickback 8

We've had a great weekend at Kickback 8 chilling out with some old friends and meeting up with some new ones.

But all good things must come to an end and it's now time to head back to the shop and get on with some of the work piling up there 🚀

Thanks Lorne!

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Custom tail fin/oil cooler

An awesome shot from Mark at Bikerlifestyle of the 316 stainless tail fin/oil cooler on Skink which was on display this weekend at Kickback 8 Custom Bike Show. Not just a cooler stuck in a tail piece, but both made to fit together as one entity. 

Thanks to Mark at Bikerlifestyle for the pic! 

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Saturday, 16 April 2016

Kickback Custom Bike Show is here!

Today we are up in Stoneleigh at Kickback 8 Custom Bike Show.  It's been a slog to get the bikes ready but we made it!

There was a few too many drinks consumed last night so the 6am show set up was a little challenging to say the least, but Damage and Rhino pulled it out the bag as ever and had the stand up in no time. Pete was 'supervising'.

Show opens at 12.30pm,, if you're going to be there stop by and say hi.  We have my own bike 'Skink' and a Harley Shovelhead custom build 'Taxtabash' with us as well as some parts and t-shirts. You can also check out the mighty TP pro-series engine we have on display. We also have sweets!

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Flea hittin summer schitt early!

You always know that summers on it's way when our fantastic Italian Ice Cream man appears in his van singing and dancing and generally brightening up our day.  Flea decided that she wasn't going to miss out on any of this action and managed to cadge a whole cone to herself,, not good for her diet but we all need a treat sometimes.

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Billet Rocker Boxes

Another mid-week flash back of our 7075 billet rocker boxes for twin cam dynas. These shiny little boxes of wonderfulness were amongst the many mods we did on The Fantastic Mr Fox

#dyna #fxd #fxdb #fxdf #streetbob #fatboy #twincam #7075

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Monday, 11 April 2016

TP Engines

Rocket Bobs are now dealers for TP engines. YAYY ☺

We've used them in several builds and straight off knew we had to be dealers for them, definitely the best engines we have ever used and have one fitted in my own bike Skink.

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Dean's Harley Davidson Fat Bob

Our latest addition to the Customer Rides Gallery is from Dean in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Pictured here is his 2010 Harley-Davidson Fat Bob running an Avon Cobra 200/60/16 on the standard rim and fitted with the Voodoo Dyna Mini Fender Kit (standard length) in Cryptic Black. Dean has also fitted the RB LightbarKellermanns front and back, Nitro Shocks and a Le Pera Bare Bones seat.

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Monday, 4 April 2016

Joe's Harley Wide Glide

Thanks to Joe out there in NB, Canada for sending in some pics of his 2013 Harley Dyna Wide Glide which he has modded with one of our Voodoo Fenders in Vivid Black and a Weeli Seat.  Looks like he's finished it just in time for the snow clearing!

Sunday, 3 April 2016

3 Finger Eddy fuel tank to t-shirt

The paintwork on 3 Finger Eddy was done by Art Slade (Oxford) but the original 3FE artwork was created by our friend Tony Reynolds, better know by some as Tony the Engraver.

The design also featured on this AC cover which was engraved by Tony and was later fitted to one of our own bikes Hullabaloo (or Skink depending on what mood I'm in). I should point out that Tony absolutely hated the fact that we powder coated the cover in this clear red and still won't talk about it to this day! :)
Tony in now in the process of taking Eddy on a little story of his own and is developing the artwork to feature on some new t-shirts for us YAYY!!  WE LOVE TONY! XOXOXO 

It's looking great so far and we can't wait to get these new t's up on the website.

These will be available soon and you can find them in the webshop here.  But you'd better hurry as they're selling out already!

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Skinny seats for your not so skinny butt

A quick pic of one of our ultra skinny Weeli seats before I get it boxed up to send out to the customer who wanted the black leather with a contrast white stitching.

Made to fit our Voodoo kit for Dynas, these seats are finished with high grade leather which features gel foam in the ribs to give your butt that extra bit of cushioning for those long rides.  They are available in different colour combo's at no extra charge.

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Countdown to Kickback Custom Bike Show

We've still a lot more fab and wrenching to do. But these two will be at Kickback Custom Bike Show at Stonleigh in two weeks 😱 Think there could be a few late nights coming...Aaaaarrrrrggghhhhhhh

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