Sunday, 31 January 2016

The Bullfrog Run 2016

We are beginning to get details for The Bullfrog Run 2016 sorted out and you can follow these as they develop on a new dedicated page on the Rocket Bobs website (under news on the menu).

The 2016 ride is heading from the UK to European Bike Week at Faaker See, Austria which is taking place from 6-11th September.

We've found a nifty tool on which allows you to, well, plot your route :) but it means we can then embed this on the website as a wee video,, yayy.  As it stands at the moment we're looking at a round trip of 3,380 miles although, as always, this is likely to change as we make minor tweaks to the route here and there (the rough outline should stay the same).

We have also finally managed to get some pictures of the 2015 Bullfrog Run uploaded to the website as well and more will be added when we get a chance.

Friday, 29 January 2016

Put some groove(s) in your tank

Following on from yesterdays post on Janeshovelhead, here is a close up of the custom tank we made for it which includes our weld on Gas Light (fuel window) and chimney filler cap. These items are available from our shop and you can get further details here.

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Thursday, 28 January 2016

Janeshovelhead Harley

ok it's taken a while (what can I say,, it's been mighty busy down the old workshop) but we've finally got the gallery up on the website for Janeshovelhead Harley build.

We had a lot of fun building this and just love how it's come out,, such a cool little bike.

BUT would someone have a word with our locations manager,, we really need to find another place to take our photo's,, all this grey cladding in the background is really beginning to get a bit depressing...

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Biker Build Off - Custom Show Emirates

We are excited to announce that Rocket Bobs have been invited to take part in the Biker Build Off at the 2017 Custom Show Emirates which takes place in Abu Dhabi and is the biggest custom car and bike show in the Middle East 😎👍

So excited right now! More details to follow......

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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Rocket Bobs sticker packs

You keep asking for them and we have finally got our arses in gear and got some new sticker packs in stock.  Haven't had a chance to get these up on the website yet so drop us an email if you're interested.

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Saturday, 16 January 2016

Trippy Hooker - Harley Shovelhead

Just a crappy iPhone pic for now I'm afraid, but this is the latest build out the shop. It's a Harley Davidson Shovelhead build with loads going on. Will get the full skinny up on the website as soon as we can!

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Friday, 15 January 2016

Gas'd Rat again.....

Gas'd Rat again! but I just really dig this picture 👍 you gotta love a shovelhead engine.

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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Triple mini billet callipers

A shot of our Triple RB mini billet calipers which featured on the Gas'd Rat build and include the milled name, 6 piston & Ti hardware.

This set up isn't available off the shelf but if you are interested in something similar then give us a bell,, contact details are available over on the website.

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Adding some swing to your swingarm

Do you want to set yourself apart from the stock Harley's and do something a bit different with you swingarm? If your answer is no then you might want to stop wasting your time here and find yourself something much more interesting to read....

Go on,, go now....

BUT, if your answer is yes then you need to get in touch and ask us about our exchange swingarms for Dyna's programme,, you give us your dull old stock swingarm (and some money) and we give you a fancy dan swingarm back in exchange (obviously you tell us what you want first!).

To find out more details or just to have a chat then head over to the website for our full contact details.

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Monday, 11 January 2016

Hullabaloo MK II

A quick glimpse of some of what we've been up to today,, just playing around with the exhaust on our own bike Hullabaloo. With the TP howling through it, may be a tad loud? There's only one way to find out..........  

............ FIGHT!!!!

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Sunday, 10 January 2016

Sexed up wallet chain

All our unique wallet chains are hand made in-house and you can always tell when the latest one is ready to ship to it's new home when you see the maker in question walking round the workshop with the little know condition, the chainmaillers claw grip of death.  This terrible affliction only tends to strike after several hours of plier abuse and is often accompanied with minor surface wounds, extensive profanity and the tuneful sound of metal rings ricocheting off nearby walls.

This wallet chain has been done in the roundmaille pattern and is the first one we have done with the tricolour spiral pattern made up of stainless steel, blackened stainless steel and brass.  It also has the addition of the skull which was provided by the new owner Glen,, we are sad to see it go but know this chain is going to be very happy in its new forever home....

.....I feel may be getting a bit too close to everything here.......

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Saturday, 9 January 2016

The Bullfrog Run to Capo D'orlando, Sicily

Here's a bit of a flashback pic from the Lowride magazine shoot for The Bullfrog Run 2015.  Thanks to Marco Frino for the great pics :)

The Bullfrog Run is a new annual bike ride from the UK to who knows where and, in 2015 (the inaugural year), the destination was the I Love Sicily show in Capo d'Orlando on the northern coast of Sicily. It turned into an epic trip for various reasons and I guess we were all having too much fun as we managed to fail to post any updates of the event as it happened! So, it's a new year, and new resolutions to stay on top of all this keepingeverythingupdated milarky. There is a new page up on the website for the event and we will try and get everything up there in the next few days weeks months :) The Bullfrog Run

The 2nd Bullfrog Run will be coming later this year and we will post further details when we work them out!

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Friday, 8 January 2016

New Year,, New Harley Fat Bob!

 First pics of the year from one of our customers, Jason, based in Las Vegas, USA.... not jealous at all :(

Jason has done a number of mods to his 2010 Harley Davidson Fat Bob including a Rocket Bobs Voodoo Fender, Weeli seat, Stealth Sidemount and Kellermann 1000 DF's mounted using our Lightbar.  And all rounded off with some killer paint!

View more on the Customer rides gallery