Thursday, 27 October 2011

Two Years in

I had a five year plan. To generate enough business to finance a full frame design & start in on ground ups with our own bikes. Well 2 years in and we are here already! The reason for the Co and the name is right here, our first frame is now days away from production, this is just a crappy iPhone pic of the computer screen but thought I'd share. The frames are made from T45 steel and 316 Stainless tube plus plate. This is a basic CAD drawing so no braces etc,, but my friends, this frame is sleek, light, ultra strong and jigged up & welded by Rob the genius! The CAD work was courtesy of FPE and my friend, Trevor, without whose talents we would still be in our five year plan :))

So guys, this IS the first Rocket Bob.......

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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Pressure Drop

So here's the throttle body,, a tiny piece of blandness hidden between the heads and of little consequence ya think.... But after around 20+ hours work I'm half way there to making it look like something with a touch of ol skool also. It's changed a bit more since these shots as every part is changing over stock,, but this is a glimpse of whats to come ......

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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

New Dyna Frames

This is an early (!) shot of the initial CAD programming of the new Dyna frames. We are virtually finished, with about 1 hour left. So next week, hopefully, the first tubes will be bent and we can jig them up and start welding. At this rate we will be in full frame production by end of November ! AND THAT gets me soooo stoked you just wouldn't believe it:

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Flea's works jacket :D

Yeah, she looks really happy to be wearing it!!

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Friday, 14 October 2011

A little wall art

You gotta have a few prints up in the shop, this is the latest :)

Taken from the current issue of Heavy Duty magazine featuring Blackbird. Tough to get over here as its from Oz, however worth it as the rag is massive!

The best magazine outlet in the UK for our particular area has to be Magazine Man. He does everything from Cycle Source to Junk.

Ok crap pic coming up.............

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Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Quick post,, haven't for a while so need to keep focussed here on putting stuff up :D

In a while, a piece about why baggers are an affront to all we hold dear !!

But in the meantime here's a quick shot of our new seat pads. All gel and leather covered, suction cup and front bolt mount! Easy on easy off and comfortable also !

Better pix up on website soon....

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