Monday, 27 February 2012

LICCS Ally Pally

Well,, just a brief post as I have more pix of other bikes & rods at the show. But the cool news for us is we took Best in Show at this weekends event & won the AMD Sturgis ticket.

Honestly could not be more happy and right now speechless , still !! A state a lot of people are hoping is permanent :D

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Sunday, 26 February 2012

LICCS Ally Pally

Great to meet up with so many people today, it was one of the best days we've had at a show & the Shovel went down well.

My problem right now is I need to shoot the bike properly as the iPhone is simply not getting it, so at the moment all I can post is the paint. This was laid down as usual by 8 Ball and I honestly can not get over how good it is !

I'll get proper pix done soon and post up, 2mo is the final day and we will be there all day, so drop and have a chat. Meantime one crappy pic:

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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Trophies for Tallal!

Huge Congrats to Tallal who got 1st Place Dyna and 3rd place old School in the Saudi Custom show this weekend with his Street Bob featuring a Rocket Bobs Pintail Seat,, too cool :)

Tallal sent us some other cool pics of his Pintail Bob here.

Saturday, 18 February 2012


Well, three days it took! But the pipe is done now for the Shovel & this "quick makeover" build is turning into an epic!

This time next week it has to be on the AMD stand at Ally Pally and right now I have no wheels, no paint, no loom, no headlight, no spacers or adjusters,, the forks need lowering 3" & the frame is still getting cut,,,,,

Errrmmmm,,, see you there !!!!!!!

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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Gas Caps & so much more

It's been a while since ive been here. Things at the shop are manic to say the least. Currently looking at 13 bikes with a few more out on quote.

Then there's the Shovel, despite it being a quick job to get it looking cool for the show it's taking a bite out of shop time and TBH I'll be relieved when it's done!

Ok, so we are going to start doing more caps, we have a new way to mill the logo, by removing material around it, plus we can remove that material in and given pattern.

So this was the first cap we ran as a prover, there will be other texts available shortly, check the website as we are currently working on a new products page.

Ok so here's the cap,, back soon:)

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