Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Side Mount Kits

Started shipping our Stealth Sidemount Kits today :)  At Rocket Bobs we don't do chrome, we don't do tassles, bags or doo dabs with flourishes on them.  We believe in simple lines, we believe in keeping your Harley looking the way it should, old skool but with a Rocket Bobs twist to it.

These are simple, bare bones mounts for the ultimate clean look.  Unfortunately you've got to run a tag so you may as well keep it as hidden as possible and blend it into the bike.

Made from stainless steel and powdered coated in any colour, they are tough and durable and guaranteed for life.  Each kit contains the mount, frame, spacers, stainless fasteners and fitting instructions.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Harley Davidson Pintail Bob

Finally posted a new vid on YouTube showing the Street Bob mods.
If you've any questions or comments, get in touch :)

Monday, 21 September 2009

2009 Rocker build

Completed the 2009 Rocker build for Oxford Harley Davidson.

Here's a before (although it's already been lowered):

We took a stock base model Rocker, slammed it 2" and fabricated a new rear fender and struts.

We added a hand stitched leather seat and custom side mount, and went to town on the paint and powder coat.

This included a mirror black oil bag with machined and polished fins, high gloss black jugs, rotors, wheels and a whole host of other parts either flat or gloss coated.

Our paint guys colour matched the original Harley Davidson paint on the swing arm, fender and rear light.

We added diamond black forwards and grips from the Harley catalogue and custom machined Rocket Bobs rear turns.

Off to its new home :)